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JustJoeCHARTS.com is a breakdown of several Futures markets that include, E-mini S&P, WTI Crude Oil, Brent Crude vs WTI Crude spread,  Heating Oil, RBOB, Natural Gas and Gold. The breakdown consists of combining the monthly, weekly, daily and the Market Profile charts to give you a broader view of what’s really happening in the market, and help you prepare before the trading day begins. 

  Calandar spread prep sheets are available for Natural gas, Brent Crude vs WTI Crude spread, Heating oil and RBOB. 

 All of the work is UPDATED DAILY.

Latest News

3 years ago


 Click on the VIEW SAMPLES box at the bottom of the home page  to see examples of the PREP  sheets that JustJoeCharts updates on a DAILY basis

3 years ago


I will be on vacation for 2 separate weeks in August.  There will be no charts Aug 4th to Aug 8th  AND no charts from Aug 15th to Aug 22nd




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