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JustJoeCHARTS.com is a breakdown of several Futures markets that include, E-mini S&P, WTI Crude Oil, Brent Crude Oil,  Heating Oil, RBOB, Natural Gas and Gold. The breakdown consists of combining the monthly, weekly, daily and the Market Profile charts to give you a broader view of what’s really happening in the market, and help you prepare before the trading day begins. 

 CHEAT sheets are available for WTI Crude oil, Natural gas and E-mini S&P.  Calandar spread prep sheets are available for WTI Crude oil, Natural gas, Heating oil and RBOB. 

 All of the work is UPDATED DAILY.

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Click on the VIEW SAMPLES box at the bottom of the home page  to see examples of the PREP and CHEAT sheets that JustJoeCharts updates on a DAILY basis

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